Waterless Urinal Bowl

Waterless Urinal Bowl

The waterless urinal bowls were first launched in Japan in 2000 with oil-seal technology and a 3rd generation urinal using ‘AIR PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY’ and ‘GRAVITATIONAL PULL’ was introduced in 2007, and ever since it has been revolutionizing waterless urinary bowls.

These urinals incorporate groundbreaking technology and innovation, and are used all over the world. They use no cartridge, no chemical, no gel resulting in zero recurring cost.


  • Patented hydrophobic ceramic material with anti-bacterial coated technology
  • Patented stainless steel bottom outlet with trap to prevent odor and stains
  • Operates without electronic sensors
  • No splash and no drippings on the floor
  • No recurring cost like cartridge, chemicals, gel or electricity


  • No odor, stain or touch
  • No clogged drain and overflow
  • No water, no ammonia formation
  • Improved washroom air quality

The urinals come in two variants one is wall mounted and the other one floor mounted

Our Waterless Urinal Bowls are one of the best, effective, and the most sought-after water saving solutions in the world today.
The water saved amounts to 100,000 liters per year per urinal.

How it works:

Comparison between Normal Urinal Bowl

and Water less Urinal Bowl

Sl No. Description Normal Urinal Bowl
With Water
Water less Urinal Bowl
(In the market)
Water less Urinal Bowl
1 Requires plumbing line from the overhead tank till the urinal bowl.  Right  wrong  wrong
2 Gadgets like flush valves and sensors required.  Right  wrong  wrong
3 Needs water for flushing.  Right  wrong  wrong
4 More time requirement and complication in installation and more number of man power working.  Right  wrong  wrong
5 Savings in water and energy (power required to lift water from ground water tank to overhead) for flushing.  Right  wrong  wrong
6 Requirement of maintenance.  Right  Right  wrong
7 Recurring cost in terms of cartridges, gel, chemical, electricity and water.  Right  Right  wrong

Water Savings @ a Glance

Each Flush based urinal uses at least 2.5 Liters of Water on each flush.

Assuming a facility, comprising 100 males, with average urinating frequency of 4 times in a day, total water usage: = 100 x 4 x 2.5 Liters = 1000 Liters per day.

Hence, total water saving in an year = 1000 x 365 = 3,65, 000 Liters.