Toilet Tank Bank

Toilet Tank Bank


The bathroom accounts for the majority of indoor water use in the average home. Of all the water-consuming fixtures in the bathroom, the toilet wastes the most water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the toilet contributes to approximately 27 percent of all residential water consumption. Installing a Toilet Tank Bank is a fast way to limit the amount of water used by this source.

The toilet tank bank is a cost-effective tool that reduces the amount of water by 2 litres per flush.

FeaturesToilet Tank Bag

  • Easy to use – fill to top, snap to close and hang in toilet
  • Every flush saves up to 0.8 gallons per flush
  • Constructed of non-corrosive materials that resist microbes and fungal growth
  • Anti-evaporation snap-lock means the bag never needs refilling and prevents odors


The device is incredibly simple to install, and can be completed in a few steps:

  1. Fill the tank bank with water.tank-bank
  2. Close the valve.
  3. Hang the bag inside the toilet cistern.

This water saver is durable, as it is produced using non-corrosive materials that resist both fungal growth and microbes. The tank bank has an anti-evaporation snap that locks air in, which curbs odours and makes it unnecessary to refill the bag. In addition, it is placed in a way as to not interfere with flush mechanics. The toilet tank bank is a simple device that can be installed in a few minutes, and will save water through the toilet as long as it is installed. Lower the amount of water used by the most consuming fixture in the bathroom by using this simple product..


Do you know that saving just 10%-15% of your water can lower your bills even further.

Why not start your saving in the bathroom, with a simple product that will save you 2 litres of water every flush.  Considering one third of our water is flushed away there is no better place to start.

Toilet Tank Bank will save an average family of four 20,000 litres of water every year, is completely maintenance free and lasts the lifetime of the toilet.

Average flush per person= 2,500 per yearreduce_your_use

Average flush per family of 4 = 10,000

Savings using tank bank = 20,000Ls per year

*Average flush rate based on figures from the World Toilet Organization.