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NEOPERL® Aerators and Washers

NEOPERL aims to achieve conserving water at source, in other words ‘Water Efficiency’. Neoperl components make water dispensation according to your pre-selected/pre-chosen flow rates.neoperl

For example, ordinary basins are fitted with faucets that deliver more than 20 liters of water per minute. Our daily activities at the basin include hand wash, face wash, brushing and shaving. What we fail to notice here is how much of water in excess is wasted here. Because your Liters Per Minute (LPM) water flow is not in control.

Neoperl is designed to control the LPM while still offering you the sufficient amount of water to carry your activities at the basin. The same theory is applied to the rest—showers, health faucets, bib taps and hand showers. Through this you end up saving tremendous amount of water every minute, every hour and every single day

Commercial and institutional installations always have problems in equal water distributions in all the floors [water flow pressure is less in top floors than the [lower floors]. Neoperl components effectively tackle this problem by offering equal distribution of water flow in all the floors.

How does it work?

Normal water discharging devices deliver water with a flow rate that is proportionate to the inlet water pressure. However Neoperl water saving components are pressure compensating i.e. inlet water pressures do not affect output flow rates.

This technological marvel is achieved through a uniquely designed ‘o ‘ ring that expands or contracts in accordance to line pressures thereby keeping the output flow rate fixed.

Self Cleaning/Auto Cleaning Aerators

This is another fantastic innovation where your aerators have the ability to clean itself. These are also called as AC-PCA (Auto Clean – Pressure Compensating Aerators).


  • Water conserved at source. Accumulated savings per medium-sized household is between 1500 to 2500 litres of water per day.
  • Due to controlled flow rates of each water dispensing device the life of the water fittings gets enhanced and risks of water leaking or hose bursting become minimal.

Different types of Aerators

Water management and rationalization in Hotels

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