Energy Efficient LED Lightingseffe

Shree Narayana Environ Solutions has partnered with EFFTRONICS SYSTEMS PVT. LTD., for Energy Efficient LED Lighting’s

Overview of Efftronics

EFFTRONICS SYSTEMS PVT. LTD., was Established in 1985 with its , initial Manufacturing Products as LED Display Board Efftronics has now grown into one of the best Product Development Company Introducing our New Brand Effe Lighting… which caters Lighting Solutions with  elegance and Efficiency

Continuous investment in R&D activities has enabled us to develop innovative processes, products and technologies. Over the years they have build a solid team comprising..

  • 100+ Engineers in R&DEf1
  • 115+ in Production
  • 250+ in Customer Support

to expand the creative potential of the company.


Efftronics continually innovate and develop niche products and solutions in various domains such as..

  • Railway Signalling – Data Logger System, SSBPAC etc..
  • Railway Telecommunications – Passenger Information System, Digital Clocks etc..
  • Visual Communications – LED Display Systems, BUS Destination Display Systems
  • Communications – Leased Line Modems, E1 Converters etc..
  • Power & En ergy – Battery Monitoring Systems, Energy Information Systems, SCADA for power sub stations etc..
  • Meteorology – Weather Monitoring Unit
  • Infrastructure – Wireless Traffic Signal System, Water SCADA etc..
  • LED Lighting – Indoor lights, Outdoor lights, Industrial Lights, Smart & Architectural lights etc..